Kim’s Story – From a UNISON CVOB member who has faced issues of Equality at work.

My name is Kim I have been a unison member for over 20yrs, I work as an Office Manager, don’t let the title fool you it’s really just an administrator role in a charity which deals  with Law, you would think I should not need to be in a Union working where I do. It is a unionised workplace so you would believe no problem?

I have worked in the private sector and local government over the years and was a rep years ago in local government, but never thought I would experience what I have in the voluntary sector. I was being bullied and undermined for a long time and was trying to deal with it myself in some aspects quite successfully.

But the bullying I saw and was experiencing finally wore me down, I was at rock bottom and very stressed , did not know what to do , I was questioning myself , I  was even thinking that I should just leave my job because I could not see a way out.

I turned to UNISON for help and have to say the response I got was just what I needed; One of the brilliant Reps at the UNISON Community and Voluntary Organisations Branch listened to my case, was able to give me the tools, guidance, and crucially of all the support I needed to gain my confidence back and pick myself up.

Because of this I was able to lodge an informal grievance and  know it is being dealt with, but it also made me realise that I want to be more active in the branch to give something back, the union is not just there in times of trouble it is there for us all.

Becoming more involved shows what UNISON do and what we can also do for ourselves, I would say to any other members get in touch and find out what you can do to support the branch. You never know the skills you use every day in your work or leisure could be of great help to other members.

You could have IT  skills, Communications skills, graphic design, PowerPoint, or just time, the sector we all work in has great people doing things everyday …we are the unsung heroes so its time if you can,  to be seen , heard and shine.

One way to get involved is by coming along to the Equalities Forum  or by becoming a workplace Steward or Health and Safety Rep.