Be Active. Be Organised. Become a Steward

Get active in your workplace

UNISON needs you. Did you know that people in workplaces with union reps statistically earn more, get more holidays, get better training and are less likely to be discriminated against?

Join UNISON’s large network of people across the UK who tackle problems at work and improve conditions for themselves and their colleagues.

Being a member of UNISON is more than just carrying a membership card; it’s about what we build together to become a more powerful union. UNISON relies on its members and their time to run the union. UNISON workplace representatives (reps), stewards and other activists are the most important link between the union and its members.

You don’t have to commit a lot of time, or be an expert to get more involved, a little time and a lot of enthusiasm are all that’s needed; give it a try, you’ll be amazed how much you get out of it.

Stewards are activists from a workplace who are the building blocks of the union. They are democratically elected and represent, organise and recruit members in their workplace. Only an organised activist base supported by members can deliver justice at work, improvements in terms and conditions, and can act effectively as an advocate for ordinary workers in their workplace.

Stewards are:

  • The principal advocates for justice in their workplace
  • Offered high-quality training in the role by UNISON
  • Supported by Branch Staff in their role
  • Encouraged to develop local networks with other UNISON activists in order to improve organisation within the workplace.
  • Offered time off to perform their duties in employers where UNISON holds a recognition agreement with the employer
  • Encouraged to participate within UNISON’s democratic structures at a local, regional and national level.
  • Offered support and developmental training in supporting the recruitment and organising of members within their workplace

If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a steward then please contact the branch on via email on and or via phone on 020 7729 4001.

The branch is also actively seeking volunteers to act as:

Health and Safety Representatives

Equality Representatives

If you are interested in getting involved then we highly recommend reviewing our Getting Involved in UNISON – FAQ page before contacting the branch.