About us

Do you work in a charity, community or third sector organisation in London? If so, UNISON is your union and your branch is the Community and Voluntary Organisations Branch (CVOB).

UNISON is the largest public sector trade union in the UK. What is a trade union?

UNISON Community and Voluntary Organisations Branch represents  members working in the community, voluntary and charity sectors. We advocate for the improvement of the working lives of over three and a half thousand members, working across more than 1000 employers. Our members come together to improve their pay, terms and conditions at work. Our members include:

  • front line carers and support staff providing services to some of the most vulnerable people in society including the homeless, people in care homes, hospices and secure housing and those who need support in their own homes.
  • campaigners developing ideas to shape and influence government policies that affect the concerns of the charitable sector and those it supports
  • professionals providing vital back-office functions to charities and community organisations
  • community organisers who are working to transform local communities for the better
  • Advocates
  • Day centres and nurseries for adults and children with additional needs

Our members are employed in a wide variety of jobs, what we share is a set of common challenges facing this sector. All organisations are afflicted by insecure funding due to harsh austerity measures that have a negative effect on pay, terms and conditions. We can only secure the pay, safety and terms in our jobs that we deserve for the vital work we all undertake by working together as part of UNISON. Join now!


UNISON CVO Branch, Studio 103, 134-146 Curtain Road, London, United Kingdom

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