Branch Staff

The branch has a very experienced team of staff who can provide information and advice to members and stewards.

They can be reached on 020 7729 4001 or email

Who are they?

Paul Coles is the Branch Development Organiser. We are currently recruiting for a Branch Caseworker.

They are responsible for the branch recruitment and organising strategy. They recruit new members and stewards and support and advise stewards who are dealing with individual cases and with workplace issues. They help the stewards to organise in their workplaces and advise and represent members who do not have a UNISON steward in their workplace.

Anita Fakhri is the Branch Administrator. She deals with membership queries, stewards training, finance issues and day-to-day running of the office .

Most advice is given on the telephone or by email, email being our preferred method of communication, ensuring that we obtain from members an accurate outline of their issues. Our branch organisers are often out of the office representing members at hearings. Branch staff can access further legal advice if needed from our regional office if required.

The branch is supported at regional level by a Regional Organiser, who can refer cases to UNISON solicitors for legal advice. They also support and advise our stewards.