UNISON Training

UNISON runs excellent training courses for stewards and health and safety reps on a wide variety of different topics.

The Training section on the Unison website has details of the courses UNISON runs and is designed to help you get the education and training you need in UNISON and to support you in your union role, whatever it is.

Stewards should aim to take the five day Introductory Organising Steward course within three months of becoming a steward.

Details of the next Stewards training course (online) can be found at Unison Greater London Education page.

Just complete the Training Application Form and, if UNISON has a recognition agreement with your employer, ask your employer for time off. Then email or fax the application form to the Branch Office for us to authorise. We will fax your form to the London Region of UNISON who will contact you to confirm that you have been booked on the course. Expenses for travel and food [if lunch is not supplied] can be claimed from the Branch Office. If you are not in a recognised workplace, we may be able to support you in ensuring you get time off for training.

If you are interested in becoming a Health & Safety representative then please consider one of the Introductory H&S courses. There are also courses for Equality representatives . If you are thinking about becoming a workplace contact, please think about attending the one day Lost in UNISON course.


The TUC also runs courses for union reps, courses available in the South East:
* Union rep stage 1
* Health & Safety rep stage 1
* Organise
* Tackling racism
* Work life balance

The TUC is currently setting up a portal on the unionlearn website to keep reps who have taken a course up to date.

Time Off for Training

Union reps in recognised workplaces are entitled to paid time off for training. Contact the Branch Office if you experience any difficulty.