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What is a UNISON representative?

The UNISON workplace representative is the most important link between the union and its members. Workplace representatives play a number of roles.

They are organisers who talk to, recruit and organise members around workplace issues, hold meetings, undertake surveys and help run ballots.

They give members information about union issues by publicising UNISON campaigns, distributing leaflets and keeping members informed about and involved in local negotiations.

They are the workplace representative in UNISON – an essential part of a large and powerful national organisation.

UNISON has four types of workplace representative.

A UNISON Steward is an elected representative whose role includes organising, recruiting and representing members.

A Health and Safety Representative has the right to training and to raise issues which affect the health and safety of members.

A Union Learning Representative helps promote learning in the branch and in their workplace such as raising awareness of lifelong learning issues.

An Equality Representative helps to make workplaces fairer by promoting respect and dignity at work. Equality is at the heart of everything UNISON does.

If you would like to get more involved in the union but aren’t sure you want to take on a full role yet, become a Workplace contact.

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