The Branch

The Community and Voluntary Organisations Branch has around 3500 members working in community care or charities based in the Greater London region. Our members work for over 800 employers, we have a varied membership, some workplaces with over 100 members, and many other workplaces with smaller groups of members. We organise and represent all staff, whatever post they hold and we recruit in every group of workers; support workers, team leaders, office workers, cleaners and agency workers. 70% of our members are women. We have over 80 elected local representatives from many different types of organisation.

National UNISON Community and Voluntary Sector

UNISON is Britain’s largest public sector trade union with members in local government, health, education, the voluntary sector and utilities. UNISON is divided into 12 regions.

Brief History

Our branch is part of the Community Service Group of UNISON set up in June 2009. The first national conference was held on 2nd November 2010 in Telford.

In 2012 the branch sent seven delegates to conference which was held Saturday 3rd March to Sunday 4th March in Brighton.

In 2013 the Community Sector Conference was held in Manchester.Conference ran from lunchtime on Friday 15th March to 12 noon on Sunday 17th March. Again the branch was able to send its full delegation. Delegates Reports

This year’s conference was held from 28 February to 1 March, attended by four delegates. CVS conference motions

Regional UNISON Community and Voluntary Sector

As a London branch we send up to six delegates to the London Regional Council which meets 4 times a year.

The branch also sends four delegates to the London Region Community Service Group Committee, elections take place at the branch AGM held yearly in February.

Each year the London Community Service Group Committee organises a seminar which all members are invited to attend.

Branch office

Our branch is based near Old Street and Liverpool Street tube stations. However, our staff and elected officers travel to different workplaces across London to meet members.

The branch office is at 134-146 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AR. Tel: 020 7729 4001
Fax: 020 7729 6001

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